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Minister, Veteran, soon to be Author

Johnny Hopkins, Arkansas PUBLISHED 2016

John Bolenbaugh Lies? Or is he honest? You decide!!!

I did a 4 year thorough investigation. John Bolenbaugh is being trolled

John Bolenbaugh  (PAST and PRESENT)  Everything is 100%

FACTUAL from court records. John Bolenbaugh is a NATIONAL HERO!

Since I am a Minister, I want to start with a verse that shows that GOD chooses the most unlikely

27: God has deliberately chosen to use men the world considers foolish and of little worth in order to shame those people considered by the world as wise and great.  28: He has chosen a plan despised by the world, counted as nothing at all, and used it to bring down to nothing those the world considers great.

1 Corinthians 1:27-28 Living Bible

WIFE Courtney Bolenbaugh 2016 Standing Rock video

Judge Graves: "Right. I think its clear from this record its consensual."

Out of all of Mr. Bolenbaughs trial transcripts, this is the most important line for you to know. 

I made this because people are looking for ways to discredit John Bolenbaugh because of his past.

1. Big Oil has paid internet trolls to make FALSE websites and lie about John Bolenbaugh.  WHY because John Bolenbaugh has cost Big Oil Billions of dollars.   John Bolenbaugh has been an open book and more honest than anyone I have ever met. Since he reported the cover up in 2010 he has told the world about his past to over 20,000,000 people so far on radio shows, E-books and dozens of YouTube videos. It is defiantly no secret to any reporter or supporter that has looked or asked.

2. Crime is from April of 2000 when John was 27. 

3. 7 months after incident John Bolenbaugh was charged with the lowest states charge for statutory sex.

4. John Bolenbaugh never denied the sex and did not testify. John was found guilty for having consensual sex with a teenager. (it is well documented that John was lied to about the girls correct legal age at a college party)

5. John Bolenbaugh was sentenced with ZERO restrictions and has No tear. John Bolenbaugh only has to register his address 2 times a year for 5 more years. Then John is 100% off the registry. 


If anyone tells you different they are down right lying to you. 

Please take screen shots of those lies that the trolls are sending people so John can file a lawsuit against them. Send screenshots or emails to

6. John Bolenbaugh did 7 years in prison for Consensual sex with two under age girls on the same night that were best friends.  The girls met John at College parties and called John to pick them up.

7. John Bolenbaugh was released on his first parole date with out any issues. John was allowed to work in another state 1000 miles away, with no supervision because the documents say they trusted John.

8. John Bolenbaugh finished his parole in 2010 with ZERO issues. 

9. John Bolenbaugh has not had any accusations or charges since his 2002 conviction. And only has speeding ticket years ago.

10. I do not agree with States that have young legal ages for consensual sex and marriage but here are some 2016 facts. In Alabama, South Carolina and Utah, girls can marry at 14; in New Hampshire the legal age to marry is 13; in Massachusetts and Kansas it is 12.

I only say these things to show that it does legally happen depending on the States law and the parents approval. 

There are many famous people that Dated or Married underage girls. Elvis (Priscilla Presley 14), Police Officer James Dougherty (dated Marilyn Monroe at 14 and married at 15), Jerry Lee Lewis (Married 13 year old) Don Johnson (Melanie Griffith 15), Paul Walker (Jasmin Gosnel 15), Sonny Bona (Shar  16), Justin Gaston (Miley Cyrus 15), Joel Madden (Hilary Duff 16), Tyga (Kylie Jenner 16), Shawn Andrews (Milla Jovovich 16), R. Kelly (Aaliyah 14), Dough Hutchinson (Courtney Hutchinson 16), Wilmer Valderrama (Lindsay Lohan 16) John Derek (Bo Derek 16) and many more. 

There is a very Honorable Native American Chief that travels the country and is very well know around the world. He gives presentations all over America including Hollywood and he was 27 when he married his 15 year old girlfriend. And they dated when she was 14. No one says a negative word about him or to him. What he has done is no different than what John Bolenbaugh has done. 

The only difference is that John Bolenbaugh was told the girls were 17 which John found out later by the police that john was lied to about the girls correct age.

11. Please take the time to read this and get to know the John Bolenbaugh I have grown to love. 

  Note: I am now good friends with John Bolenbaugh. I wrote this to help the people on the internet that support OR troll against  John Bolenbaugh. I want you to at least have the facts. because down right lies and outlandish Rumors are sure flying everywhere.  

Don't let the Oil Companies win by turning your back on this amazing man. Please support this TRUE AMERICAN HERO as I do and always will.

HERO OR ZERO??? A must read for any fan or foe

   I am not a professional writer but I did do my research and I read all the trial transcripts. What you are about to read is 100% factual.  

John has told me " He takes full responsibility for his past actions and will do everything in his power to make his 3 little girls proud of their fathers actions today. And be the best citizen he can be."

Note: This is hard to believe a prosecutor said this next statement, but this is a real document that is apart of court record. Please remember these are NOT my words & are NOT John Bolenbaugh's words. 

OFFICIAL statement To Judge Graves dated March 13, 2002 


 The PROSECUTOR said, and I quote

"Did John have sex with these girls? Yes. Did he rape them? No, that’s the kind of girls they are. They are not nice girls. They are the aggressive ones. Did John know how old they were? No, I’m sure he didn’t, they would have lied about their age anyway because they look to be 17 years old, and I’m sure that they were the aggressive ones, or else this probably wouldn’t have happened. The fact is they are under age, no matter how they act. As a matter of fact, I’m sure they were out looking for sex anyway, that’s the kind of girls they are. So do I think John slept with girls that were under age on purpose? No, after checking out his background I can see that he’s not a bad guy, but I have to do this" I am being forced to because it is the States law.

I interview Johns wife Courtney Bolenbaugh and she told me that she demanded that she talk to the girls before she started dating John 7 years ago. Courtney said the girls were not mad at John and told Courtney John never did anything they didn't ask him to do. They told Courtney they were sorry and  that they lied to him back then. Courtney said that she 100% TRUST John and he is the best father and husband. And that she is sick of all the lies and accusation's all over the internet. Stop talking about it. You all are hurting my little girls and putting their lives in further danger, if some crazy person comes after us because of the lies. 

I am the only person John has given the names of the girls to except her to protect them from reporters that would abuse them to get to John Bolenbaugh because he is a whistleblower against Big Oil. I contacted one and she had nothing bad to say about John Bolenbaugh. 

She did say " I want people on the internet to stop talking about us. Let it go. It was 19 years ago. No one was hurt or taken advantage of. It was teen sex and no more.”

I told her I was writing this story to get the facts out. 

She said "This is craziness that anyone is even talking about John going to prison for consensual sex so long ago. She said, "We called him. We all knew we were going to have sex that night before John picked us up. Matter of fact John was defiantly not our first sex partners back then, and John knew that. We were fun girls acting older, going to college parties, but I am a wife and a mother now and I do not want my name to be public or for my kids to find out."


I promised her that I would never call her again. 



I personally believe Big Oil has paid Oil Workers, Camp Infiltrator's, Reporters and Internet Trolls for the purpose of bringing up John's past because they have nothing else to use against him but factitious lies. 


HERE WE GO, There’s a movement that’s sweeping the nation; led by a man who is as controversial as he is candid. The fact is that Mr. Bolenbaugh has drawn so much major attention to some peculiar practices in big oil that he has lead the way for 100’s of new environmental groups. He’s considered the biggest oil whistle blower in American history and he’s under attack. 

4 years ago I decided to see what the facts were before writing a book and reaching an opinion on this man. Go on the net and you’ll see everything from a True American Hero to pedophile; from freedom fighter and Water Protector to sexual predator. Which is true? Is it somewhere in the middle? Could this man be leading a duplicitous life? 

I will admit that just knowing any man has the label of sex offender it gives me an awful impression of them. Yes, it makes me shallow minded as many people are but Mother Earth is too important for me to not at least investigate to see if this man John Bolenbaugh is the real deal that just made a one-night mistake. I will say that out of every 100 good comments I see on the internet there seems to be only 1 or 2 bad ones. And crazy enough they seem to be from the same 5 people. Through my investigation many of the comments come from fake pages or people. Called paid trolls or infiltrator’s.   

The negative press centers around the fact that John was convicted of 3rd-Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct also known as Statutory Sex. That is someone being over 16 and having sex with someone between the ages of 13-and the day before they turn 16. In John’s case, it was between those ages. And NO, they were not 13 as many have fabricated on the internet. The law in Michigan, and quite a few other states for that matter, does not care if you were lied to about their age. Even if they were in a bar with a fake ID. There is no defense to mistaken age in Michigan.  If you had sex with them, you’re guilty of the crime. PERIOD! Many politicians, rich kids or men of authority get probation or not charged at all because of bribery or high-powered attorneys. It’s a fact that there are many X police officers that have been in Prison for this same crime. 

(Mr. Bolenbaugh said that 3 different times in prison, 3 different guards approached him and told him that he did not belong in this place and they each unknowingly in their past committed the same crime, but was never prosecuted.) They still work for the State of Michigan and they are secretly sex offenders and the State has no Idea.


Mr. Bolenbaugh’s crime occurred in 2000 and he was charged 7 months after the crime occurred. Mr. Bolenbaugh was found guilty by a Jury trial in 2002 two years after incident. 

John’s mother Karen said in an interview that the mother of one of the girls gave her a hug and told her she was sorry but the police took over the case and there was nothing she could do. After 3 days of deliberation which ended in a guilty verdict a female juror  approached Karen in the court house elevator after the verdict and said she was sorry because John didn’t deserve to go to prison for consensual sex but this juror had kids to take care of and day care was expensive and she and 2 others couldn’t hold out any longer sitting in a room deliberating the case. This Juror gave Karen her number and asked for John to call.

John said "I called her and She said that the prosecutor lied to her in the lobby and told her that you would only get 1 to 2 years. I told her none of my time in prison was her fault. We were both crying. I told her that this will make me a stronger and a better man. I prayed with her and I was so thankful she asked me to call.

I prayed to God every single day in Prison to have the opportunity to get my name back. I don't want to be remembered as a sex offender. I want to die a hero.  Now I thought I would die running into a burning building trying to save lives but when I saw the oil cover up in my community and my personal back yard. I knew that God was giving me that opportunity. Instead of keeping my $100,000 a year job. I choose to become a whistle blower a martyr to save Mother Earth for humanity. I made all my videos free to the world. I even ripped up donation checks at that time to prove to the world I was doing this for the right reasons. One ripped up check for $2,500 (that I still have) was a down payment of a total of $10,000 to give a speech for an attorney against Enbridge. I did it all for free"  John said "I didn't ask for donations until after Standing Rock. But this is to big for me to keep trying to fund this by myself. I have a family now and bills to pay. I already spent $130,000 out of my personal pocket and donated over 11,000 hours of my free time to the cause. I can not do that any longer to be effective against Big Oil and a good father and husband.

John also said "I never expected to still be alive. I have had a half dozen attempts on my life. and many threats. I guess God wants to keep me around a little longer to expose corruption and cover ups. I now know I am a WATER PROTECTOR for life."

Now, before you say that he had to know their ages, I read his transcripts. The judge who presided over his trial was asking one of the girls how tall she was. She said she was about 5’10 or so. He asked her if she was that tall when the incident took place. She answered in the affirmative. Then he asked her if she looked like “this”—was her present appearance the same as when the incident happened. Her response: “pretty much the same looks and the same height”. Why would he be asking this? It is not likely that a girl that tall would look like a kid, is it? She was also pregnant when she was testifying at trial and Mr. Bolenbaugh could not have been the father. 

This of course doesn’t make John any less guilty in the eyes of the law. 

So how does John feel about it? In a letter, he wrote to the parole board, John expressed his shame, and his sorrow for not being more responsible and mature. He mentioned that he had “cried buckets full” while in prison. He said, “I have a perfect prison record and I just pray after 7 very long years it is enough to be allowed a 2nd chance to prove how sorry I am and disappointed I am with myself.”   Lots of felons say whatever they think the parole board wants to hear in order to go home. Everyone on the board, however, believed Mr. Bolenbaugh to be at least somewhat truthful. He was released after his first parole-board hearing. This almost never happens to those convicted of CSC case, especially in Michigan. It is a blanket rule that ALL sex offenders must wear a GPS ankle bracelet, and All offenders are not allowed to date anyone with a child under the age of 18 while serving the 2-year mandatory parole. Not even their own children. Not even if they were convicted of peeing in a parking lot after the bar closes. But for some reason while John was on parole he did not have to wear a GPS ankle bracelet like all the other offenders. John was the only offender on parole in his county that could date a lady with children under the age of 18. And while John was on parole he could work over 1,000 miles out of state with no supervision. John has the official documents to prove all this. Obviously, the parole board and his parole officer felt that Mr. Bolenbaugh was no threat to anyone. Mr. Bolenbaugh finished his parole in 2010 without any issues. 

John admits that he broke the law, and he did his time for it, but the people attacking him are not satisfied with that. They insist that John is a heinous sexual predator who brutally raped two little girls. They insist that the sex was not consensual and that John only went to trial to prove his innocence. The facts are Mr. Bolenbaugh never testified under oath. In addition to not testifying under oath, his attorney during the trial never stated that consensual sex didn’t occur. John said he just wanted to prove that he was lied to about the correct age and that there were many college men having sex for over a year with these girls before John’s crime even occurred.
To note, John was offered a lesser charge of 4th degree that carried a 1 year minimum 2 year maximum, plea agreement. If he would plead guilty to the allegations in the falsified police report and not go to trial. Again, John said he wasn't pleading guilty to things he didn't do even though he would be getting six more years in prison by not taking the plea. The law says that girls under 16 are not legally capable of consent. That law is fairly recent in the grand scheme of things. 

My best friends grandfather was 19 when he married his 13-year-old great grandmother in 1926--and nobody batted an eye. Mr. Bolenbaugh’s mother had him at 15 and Mr. Bolenbaugh’s younger sister was married by a Michigan Judge when she was only 14 years old. It happens every day that 13, 14 and 15 year old’s have kids. Matter of fact there are popular TV shows about teens having babies. 

History facts: Under early English common law, sexual relations with a child, no matter how young, was not regarded as rape if the child consented. However, eventually, the English made it a felony to have carnal knowledge of a child under the age of ten, with or without the child’s consent. In People V Cash, a 1984 case in the Michigan Supreme Court, we find the quote, “[t]he statutory age of consent has gradually risen from the original age of 10 years old to 16 on up to 21, varying among the states.

I say these things not as my opinion, not to justify the fact that Mr. Bolenbaugh broke the law, and not to blame the victim in anyway. I say these things to illustrate the fact that people of very young ages can and do consent to sexual activity, regardless of its legality.

Two years before Mr. Bolenbaugh committed his crime. The same charge was most of the time not prosecuted. But in 1998 Michigan received grant money for tens of millions if they could reform sex offenders, so of course Michigan Law makers and Prosecutors did their best to fill up every prison even if it was a 17-year-old sleeping with his 15-year-old high school girlfriend. Yes that is a crime that will send him to prison in Michigan.  

Court Transcript and documents

     Even in reading his transcripts, it was testified that the sex was consensual. : 

Defendant’s Attorney: “And that is a different statement than you made today. Correct? Today you said that you started the oral sex and that--and that you took down your pants and that was all--all--all consensual”? Female: “I didn’t say that I took down my pants. I said that I— I don’t remember who did it”.  

Defendant’s Attorney: “But you do remember that it was consensual”? 

Female: “Yes”.    

Then its said that he fed the girl alcohol to take advantage of her. Also not true according to the trial testimony. The above encounter happened on the way to get the alcohol. No alcohol was consumed until after they had consensual sex. This information is public. It’s in the trial transcripts of The People of the State of Michigan versus Mr. Bolenbaugh. To say otherwise is to be dishonest and disingenuous.  

Trial Transcripts Page 31 

Defendant’s Attorney: “…what she testified to was that she started the whole thing in the car and it was always consensual. But this is—This is this exaggerated police report to -- to -- well, to cover up for the fact that her mother didn’t know she was having premarital--she was having sex. I mean, this is her fifth sex partner”   

Trial Transcripts Page 32 

Defendant’s Attorney: “…certainly makes a great deal of difference to have the Department of Corrections get a statement that’s a--that’s a rape statement when it wasn’t and that’s not what she testified to at all”.  

Trial Transcripts Page 50 

Defendant’s Attorney: “Mr. Bolenbaugh is asking if the--in the Defendant’s--in the agent’s description of the offense if that could be made clear that it was consent…”  

Judge Graves: “Right. I think it’s clear from this record it’s consensual”. 

Trial Transcripts Page 53 

Defendant’s Attorney: “You do remember talking to both police departments, correct…” 

Female: “Yes.” 

Defendant’s Attorney: “But you—When you talked—You weren’t of the opinion that you were being raped. Correct? That it was consensual. Correct”? 

Female: “Correct”. 

Defendant’s Attorney: “When, in fact, you actually started it yourself in the car. Correct”? 

Female: “Yes.” 

Trial Transcripts Page 193 

Defendant’s Attorney: “So you weren’t planning to report it, then. Is that right”? 

Female: “No ma’am” 

Defendant’s Attorney: “Is there some reason why you weren’t planning to report it to the police”? 

Female: “…there was no reason”. 

Defendant’s Attorney: “No reason to report it”? 

Female: “Right”.   

Sentencing Transcripts Pages 93-95 John Bolenbaugh: “I’ve seen her driving a car around…” “But I know for a fact that I am not a predator. I don’t go looking for little girls. And if people have told me that they’re older and I am gullible and I believe them and I have no reason not to believe them--One time (female) came to my house -- or asked me to pick her up and I went and picked her up with her friend and I purposely asked for her friend’s ID and said she was -- said she was 17”. 

(the legal age that a girl is allowed to give consent in Michigan is at 16 years of age)  

Sentencing Transcripts Pages 93-95 John Bolenbaugh: 

“I’ve never, ever raped a girl. I’ve never, ever took advantage of a girl or did anything that wasn’t asked. Because I purposely when I meet a girl, I want to know what – what they’re interested in. And if they tell me they’re of age then I believe them. I’m sorry. I believe them.   And if you look at these girls, you can tell, it’s only been--I mean, it’s been two years, but (female) is almost six foot tall. I had no idea. None of my friends--My older friends, 20-year-old friends, they were all--I’m sorry. She’s a nice girl. I was friends with her. But I mean, we didn’t know. None of us knew. And there would be--  Why wasn’t the four guys with (female) charged? Why wasn’t all the guys that (female) slept with, why aren’t they here? I was the fall guy because I was a ping pong ball. And I don’t think that’s right.   And please don’t sentence me because of public interest. I deserve time, but I beg you for the less time possible because this is not going to reoccur. Nothing will ever even come of it. I don’t want to miss my family’s life and my brother and my sisters growing up, and my nieces and nephews. And I ask for leniency, please. And I am sorry for the -- for the families, I truly am. I never wanted any of this. If I would have known, trust me, it wouldn’t have happened. There is no doubt in my mind, I know that for a fact.   Thank you”.  Judge Graves: “The Court will sentence within the guidelines”.   

If I sound like a fan of John Bolenbaugh, I wasn’t before my investigation but now I am a huge fan. Not because I believe he did nothing wrong--he did. He broke the current state law. He got out and turned his life around, though. We should celebrate that this is actually possible. In this jaded age of cynicism and zero tolerance, that a basically good man, that never had a prior felony. He is also a decorated Navy Veteran with a Bronze Star for helping save a man’s life. Mr. Bolenbaugh on one night made some irreversible choices 18 years ago. I don’t believe it has defined the man he was or is. I do believe he has proved himself beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is the driving force keeping corporate greed honest and this is a huge cause for celebration, not denigration. John has had many death threats and attempts on his life and his families lives. He is risking everything to do the right thing. As he says, he wants his 3 children to be proud of him and when he dies he wants to be remembered as a National Hero and not as a sex offender. 

I interviewed John's past wrestling coach and still 30 years later his best friend. His name is John Major or Coach. John was voted top 5 teacher in the state of Michigan. He has 13 bachelor degrees and 4 master degrees. He wrestled and placed at worlds and was a U.S. Olympian wrestler. And John is in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. I say all of this because Coach as he likes to be called, visited John Bolenbaugh nearly every month for 7 years. I asked Coach why he stood by John Bolenbaugh and he said because John would never hurt anyone and John would be the first to protect anyone including his enemies if they needed help. Coach said John Bolenbaugh is an American HERO. And no internet troll will change that. I know John Bolenbaugh better than almost anyone in this world. I stand by this man and so should you

This is a short video everyone should see

John Bolenbaugh has the support of Chief Leonard Crow Dog, many Hollywood stars and tens of thousands of every day people. No one is perfect. From what I see is that John is trying to get his name back for his past mistakes. He seems to be going above and beyond any man I personally know to correct his wrongs. 

Why try to bring down a Whistle Blower that is helping US?

  John Bolenbaugh asked me to write this statement:

"I John Bolenbaugh have never EVER  physically assaulted, hurt or harassed any one. I have never did anything without consent. If there is any text, emails, voicemail's, letters, recordings, videos or ANY so called evidence of harassment or any wrong doing PLEASE contact the police and file a police report so I can prove my innocence in the court of law. As everyone knows, including my wife that I am flirtatious to women and men. I do not discriminate.  I am not interested in the male gender and I do not do anything my wife doesn't allow. I do ask that the falsified internet rumors and accusations stop. And stop now. My daughters will someday read these nasty untrue comments. Unless you have a current police report in hand which I know you don't. PLEASE STOP. "

 I have seen so many rumors and downright lies about Mr. Bolenbaugh on the internet by obvious oil company supporters, trolls or so-called infiltrators. Or just maybe by uneducated caring people that just were given untrue statements from dishonest people about Mr. Bolenbaugh. 

Mr. Bolenbaugh was NEVER sentenced as a tear 3. John is not a tear 3. I believe Oil companies paid different websites and trolls like Rod Webber to spread lies.

Mr. Bolenbaugh is NOT on parole and has NO restrictions. He can take his daughters to school, daycare, gymnastics and to the park. He can go and do anything that you or I can do. He was sentenced in 2002 with only this one requirement. He must register twice a year with his current address. So, don’t believe all the internet lies. Or the people telling the lies. Don’t believe the men and women that have a financial gain or popularity opportunities by discrediting Mr. Bolenbaugh. Mr. Bolenbaugh has even had to contact an attorney to send letters to try to stop the lies and harassment. Its so bad that one of these 5 that keep discrediting John, sent emails to many girls that were working with John. The email said John had harassment and restraining orders against him from females and to be very careful. This was all found out to be made up lies by a occupy leader that was jealous and later admitted he had no evidence for his accusations. There was never any restraining orders and I have never seen a email, text, voice mail or police report that has ever accused John of doing anything wrong. Not one single time. As I said don’t believe the internet lies.  

Investigate Mr. Bolenbaugh yourself as I thoroughly have. John is an open book and in the last 18 years he has never had a complaint made against him and only has a 5 mile over speeding ticket 7 years ago. Rumors and false accusations I am sure are all over the internet. As I said they all seem to be false. I have never found anything that discredits John Bolenbaugh that was true. 

One guy says John is a discredited whistle blower. This infiltrator says John took money from big oil. FACTS. John has never taking one dime from an oil company. John DID NOT take the money offered by big oil at a trial settlement offer and as a result John still is in appeals court. John has NO GAG order. And John hurts big oil on a daily basis with his speeches and videos. 

Fact:  John did win a lawsuit against a ENVIRONMENTAL CLEANUP COMPANY (S.E.T.) for wrongfully firing him for reporting the cover up and for lying about Mr. Bolenbaugh and falsely accusing him of stealing gas when he did NOT. John spent all that money fighting big oil. John had helped his community by spending all of the money to get exposure for them. No one esle can say that. 

If you go to OnEarth they wrote a 50,000 word E-book that over 20,000,000 people have read. John told the world about his past in front of 5 camera crews and 500 people the day he reported the largest Environmental cover up in North American in history. Guess what. That night not one news station talked about Mr. Bolenbaugh’s past because as they said it is the past.    

I am very confused why anyone that says that they are a Water Protector would try to tear a whistle blower down that has proved he was telling the truth the entire time and he no doubt has costed Big Oil over one billion dollars and counting. It is possible that John Bolenbaugh saved hundreds of lives. And just maybe thousands of lives all over North America.  Just think. what John Bolenbaugh said 7 years ago at speeches or on C-Span, NPR, Huffington post has been quoted without proper credit  by President Obama, news reporters, environmental groups and tens of thousands of activist. John is the first trailblazer to many of the facts about cover ups and pipelines now talked about at dinner tables and meetings all over the world. 

It should also be noted that highly respected Chief Leonard Crow Dog watched John‘s footage and brought his family the next time to see it again. Chief Leonard Crow Dog told Mr. Bolenbaugh during John’s 6 week Standing Rock stay that every tribe, camp and human in the world should see it. He also stated that out of 100 documentaries that are being made about Standing Rock, John Bolenbaugh’s is the most powerful. It is the tip on the spear to help change history and save Mother Earth. 

#1 In conclusion should a convicted felon that is eager to better himself, his family and all of 

humanity ever be allowed to try to do good? 

#2 Or should he just forever be punished for the mistakes of his past?

#3 Should he be harassed and put down when he tries to help others? 

#4 Or should the ones that are lying and discrediting John Bolenbaugh be asked by the real Water Protectors to stop trolling? 


100% copied from Court records

Reference Letter 1

To The Whole World, and Judge Graves, I have wrote to you several times, Judge Graves, and since my son was found guilty at trial for sleeping with this girl that lied about her age, I feel that I need to tell you how I feel., and beg for my son’s release.    I want you to know what kind of person my son is.  I hope that what you are about to read will make you feel what we are feeling and what we are going through.  Even a jury member told me after the verdict that most felt my son was innocent, because the girl told five different stories to police, and was caught lying on the stand, but because my son didn’t testify, they found him guilty.   First of all, my son is the oldest of five children: four sisters and one brother.  They are all very close.  He is the oldest of all the grandchildren on both sides, and now all four sides- we both remarried. They all look up to Johnny.  They all have sought his guidance to help themselves in life.   Johnny graduated from high school while he was living oh his own.  At age 16, he moved into his own apartment and supported himself, while he ran three miles to and from school, played football and wrestled.  He then got a scholarship for college, and then felt the need to serve his country. After that, he started coaching, and then went back to college.    He tried so hard- his car broke down, so he’d run six miles to college every morning for three months, during the middle of winter.  Then he would get a ride home from a teammate, take a shower, put on a suit and tie, and walk to work.    Then all of this happened.  We have went through hell.  I have wrote to the Governor, senators and congressmen.  They all tell me the same- that it’s against the law in Michigan.  This is the United States.  Why is it legal in over 20 other states, but not here? Is a girl more mature in other states?  I don’t think so. When this all started, my son called me up crying, telling me what had happened. I thought it was a joke. I had Johnny at 15, and my mother had me at 15. No one told us it was wrong.    This has been hell for Johnny.  He’s had to fight several guys to protect others from getting their food taken by bigger guys in the jail.  They wrote to you and told you “Johnny is a hero.”  Well, my son is. He would help anyone- even if his own safety was at risk.    This girl admitted that she lied, and now, all of her boyfriends are going to prison.  Why? Because her mother wants to put the blame on someone besides herself.  Put her in prison- not my son. Johnny has never been in trouble, and now you are going to put him in prison for something he didn’t even know was against the law.   Don’t take my son away from us.  He is worth a second chance.  I am so proud of Johnny, and I still think “This is all just a bad dream.” Put the attorney that Johnny fired for not doing his job into prison.  Why is this attorney only getting probation for getting caught smoking crack? Is this justice? Put Prosecutor Bader in prison for lying to the jury and withholding evidence. I can’t believe my taxes are paying for all of this. Would you send your son to prison for this? No.   Please let Johnny go.  He is a good person and he doesn’t deserve this.  I have sent to you over 45 recommendation letters from superintendents, principals, school board members, coaches, kid’s Johnny has coached, guys he protected in the county jail, several past girlfriends, friends and family.  We all support Johnny, and not one had a bad word to say. Let these letters show you how much time he should get-zero!   Hope you realize how wrong the law is in this situation.   

Karen Bolenbaugh-Petersen 3-10-2002

Reference Letter 2

  Judge Graves My brother, John Bolenbaugh (we call him “Johnny”), is the best brother anyone could ever ask for.  He is a loving and caring person.   Johnny has volunteered his time for so many things. After high school, he received a college wrestling scholarship, and after one year, Johnny decided to join the Navy to help his country during the end of the Desert Storm era.  He was even congratulated in person by president Bill Clinton for winning his weight class in wrestling at the Military National Championships where he went 33-0.  How many people can say that, or shay they drove a 1.4 billion-dollar aircraft carrier around the world? Johnny can. When Johnny got out of the Navy, he coached wrestling and girls’ basketball in Battle Creek at Northwestern Jr. High, and his teams never lost in his three years as the head coach.  The kids loved and respected Johnny. They broke every school record, and my brother made sure that they all had good grades.    Our home town Hillsdale asked Johnny to help coach wrestling to our high school team.  After one year, he decided to go back to college and wrestle again – he still had eligibility left.   My brother was in the “Big Brother Program” and was a “Big Brother” to an 11-year-old boy. I hate to think of the boys’ loss, and of our family’s loss, of not having Johnny around. Every day that he is away from us and the community is a huge loss for this world.  He makes this world a better place to live. I have two children, Johnny has been nothing but the best uncle.  He is wonderful to them.  Johnny is one of the few people I know that would protect a complete stranger from harm’s way.  He’s never tried drugs or cigarettes, and he only drinks for fun- not to get wasted. Johnny loves life and loves to dance. What I’m trying to say is that my brother is the life of the party, yet still super responsible. Johnny wants a wife and children more than anything. He will be the best husband and father. Because we remember what it’s like and how much it hurt when our parents got a divorce, Johnny says he will not settle down until he finds the girl of his dreams so he can grow old with her, and never put their children through a divorce.  I admire Johnny and his morals.   Your Honor, how can this girl get on the stand and tell the jury that she lied for years about her age telling over 14 of her sex partners that she was 17 and 18? How can my brother go to prison for having consensual sex with a girl who testified that SHE was the aggressor, not my brother? She even said that if it wasn’t for her mom, they wouldn’t even be in court.  This girl’s parents should be in jail for being such bad parents and allowing their daughter to drink and hang out at college parties.   When I saw the girl, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was almost 6 feet tall, looked 20, and was 6 months pregnant at trial from some guy. She was 15, sneaking out and driving the car around. How was Johnny supposed to know she wasn’t of legal age? My brother has never had a problem meeting and dating beautiful women.  If she would have told him the truth, Johnny would have told her “no”.    I’m begging you, your Honor, to let my brother go.  He doesn’t deserve one day in jail.  And prison- NO WAY! Johnny has never been in trouble before, as you know. I don’t want my children to grow up without their Uncle Johnny, because some girl wanted to lie to and mislead several guys.   What would you sentence your own son to? My brother is a good, decent, responsible man. The girl’s parents and the law are just trying to find someone to blame.  Blame the parents or the girl, but not my wonderful brother.  Please let him go. We all love and miss him so much.   Thank you for your time-   

Kimberly L. Roberts 3/02/2002

Reference Letter 3

Judge James Graves,  Your Honor, how are you? This letter is coming from a well-educated father of two, and husband to the sister of the accused. I am writing this letter to express my thoughts of the matter at hand.  I believe there are a few people going to extremes to ruin a well-situated, intelligent man. I could understand if the accused was a violent criminal, or a mentally insane person who needs direction, but Johnny is not, and you know this from the girl’s own testimony.  We’re talking about a man with morals and standards. The situation that Johnny is going through is a typical ongoing situation shared by many Americans. I believe people are not judging people by age anymore-it seems to be only a number. I couldn’t believe it when I found out at trial, that it doesn’t matter if the girl lies about her age – it’s still the guy’s fault. I also was in shock when I found out that in Michigan, a 16-year-old and up boy, will go to jail or prison for sleeping with a 15-year-old girlfriend. That means 60% of men in Michigan have committed a felony and got away with it.  What people are going by these days is the way people present themselves, on a mature level, on higher morals and so on. John Bolenbaugh is my brother-in-law.  I’ve known him for the past 5 years of so. What I have gathered from my experiences, he is a well-mannered, sophisticated man with great potential.   I will also stress the fact that incriminating such people with such outlandish, opinionated laws is ludicrous. This is why America is the way it is. You can’t believe that trying all this malarkey in the court of law is worth the taxpayer’s money.  I believe, when there is a situation like this, it should fall back on the parents. The girl’s parents didn’t even come to trial.  Do they really care? Or do they just want to blame someone else for their bad parenting? It’s real easy to blame someone else.  I have taken college courses to become a police officer.  The conduct of Muskegon Police Department and the prosecutor’s office is a disgrace to their badges and the Constitution. They lied at trial, falsified information, and wouldn’t let Johnny bond out in a pursuit to try to get him to plead guilty. There is no place in the work pace for personal grudges.  The case against my brother-in-law has showed me that, in a court of law, you’re guilty until proven innocent. That makes me think twice about making a career out of law enforcement.  I hope this letter opens the door to a different way of judging this matter. Please let Johnny go. He is not a criminal, nor is he a threat to society. He is a blessing to society, and he’s missed very much by his family. Sincerely,   

James D. Roberts 3/03/2002 



My investigation of the main 5 people harassing John Bolenbaugh has turned up Chris Wahmhoff and his teammate considered by many as an infiltrator called Rod Webber with his lies and half truths where he changes the context to make an honest good man look bad. He makes videos with 3 to 7 word clips that if you watched the entire video you would see that Rod is the dishonest person. John Bolenbaugh had to get an attorney to force Rod from using John's footage in his videos. And to stop making up outlandish lies. So Rod turned to small clips that he tries to make look different than what John actually said in full context. Its called Yellow Journalism because it is disingenuous and only to discredit a person because the truth in full context makes the person look good. So they cut everything in small clips because they do not actually have any harmful evidence.


Marnee DeRider  I started following Rod Webber during the Standing Rock protests, but then later unfollowed when I saw that he had marked one of his videos of John and said he was a sell-out or some such.  (He referenced a very long article that I read, and saw nothing wrong with John's decisions.)  And then I unfollowed him.  Seems like he has a bit of a screw loose, but I was unaware that he was endangering John through his actions.  

Whereas I learned about Standing Rock itself from various videos, it was John's words that led me down a road the past year and a half to realize just how incredibly corrupt the US is in so many ways.  It changed my life and views.  I was asleep.  I can never go back to sleep again.   I don't know what to do to change it, but I do what I can.   

Big Oil made John Bolenbaugh see a Psychologist. You have to read what he said.

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Dr__Van_Ostenberg_s_Report (pdf)


Johns purpose in life. God, Family, Protect the Water, Solar


Court case against Environmental cleanup company

John took a small settlement from the cleanup company S.E.T Environmental that wrongfully fired him for reporting the cover up. John has no gag order and he has never taken a dime from any oil company. John turned down a very large amount of money from Big Oil if John would sign a gag order and throw his video evidence away. Instead of taking the money and moving to Hawaii or Bahamas. John said F off and has given all of his videos free to the world. John has worked 9 entire years for his nonprofit for free to help educate us all.  John does sell solar on the side to provide for his family. Courtney his wife is a Registered Nurse.


Former Enbridge Yard BOSS

In charge of the biggest oil cleanup yard for the biggest inland spill in North American history. 


John reported his past the day he reported the cover up.

In a YouTube video it shows John telling 5 camera crews and over 500 people that he was a felon before he reported the cover up. John said it isn't about his reputation, it is about getting the oil cleaned up, telling the truth and saving lives. It seems that the only thing Big Oil can use against John Bolenbaugh is his past from April of 2000.