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Minister, Veteran, soon to be Author

Johnny Hopkins, Arkansas PUBLISHED 2016

John Bolenbaugh Lies? Or is he honest? You decide!!!

I did a 4 year thorough investigation. John Bolenbaugh is being trolled

FACT: Chris Wahmhoff Stole footage from John Bolenbaugh

YouTube took the stolen footage down and deleted Chris Wahmhoff video from you tube. Chris is stealing footage from John Bolenbaugh. And made a fake web site to cover his lies. HE IS A LIAR    FAKE WEBSITE HONEST AND REAL WEBSITE

chris wahmhoff and michelle (jpg)


Chris just cant stop lying and makes a fake website

Chris lied and said John was kicked out of camp.

Out of over 100 presentations John has done in the last 8 years there is not one leader that has ever said that John has been kicked out of the camp, group or place the presentation was at. NOT one. Chris lied

Chris said John did this for the money. 

John has worked FREE for 8 years. IF he was paid his union wage that would be 12,000 hours times $24 an hour, a lot of that would be over time. And he spent around $130,000 of his personal money fighting Big Oil. So John LOST at least $500,000 so far.

There is zero accusations that John has done wrong


John has never been accused of stealing any footage. He was falsely accused by Rod Webber and Chris Wahmhoff which John proved that it was the other way around & the footage was stolen from John by them & the false accusations were to take the blame off themselves. Chris lied again

There is Zero complaints by any girls that suggest John harassed them, or assaulted them.  AGAIN Chris lied

Kalamazoo residents do support John Bolenbaugh & again Chris lied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are zero legitimate complaints. ALL PROVED TO BE LIES!

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