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Minister, Veteran, soon to be Author

Johnny Hopkins, Arkansas PUBLISHED 2016

John Bolenbaugh Lies? Or is he honest? You decide!!!

I did a 4 year thorough investigation. John Bolenbaugh is being trolled

Read about Rod Webber infiltrating, Stealing and Harassing

Attorney sent Standing Rock Infiltrator Rod Webber (A MUST READ) (jpeg)


Rod Webber sent out this fake website to thousands (READ)

When will everyone wake up and realize Rod Webber has been harassing and trolling John Bolenbaugh for 2 years now with down right lies. 

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Letter from Michelle about Rod

September 12, 2018

John Bolenbaugh

Kalamazoo, MI

Dear John,

I wanted to write this letter some time back after having the opportunity to finally meet you in person while you were speaking in Akron, Ohio at the Berea  University. I am writing now because I see Rod Webber spreading his lies and half truths about you all over the internet again. Rod Webber makes me sick to my stomach and he creeps me out and I told you that a long time ago from his sly attacks on you and the water protector movement. He makes it out like he's helping the movement when all he is really doing is hurting the movement.

Since speaking with you back in early January 2018, I have become even more aware of the ongoing issues many of us are facing such as our drinking water and the inhumane treatment of innocent people who chose to speak up on behalf of humanity. 

Like you, I also consider myself a “Water Protector” and also an Ambassador for Mother Earth. I never thought in a million years that I would have ended up being part of this work to spread the awareness of the Water and work so closely with some of the most amazing people from the Native American Tribes in California as well as North Dakota, South Dakota and everyone else in between, even you! 

I call this “Sacred Activism” and it is quite clear to me that this is the path you have chosen to walk with integrity and great courage. I have also heard so many people call you a “Hero” one of them being a friend of mine who is also a veteran like yourself. If people only knew the sacrifices you are making each and every day, like so many others who chose to “do the right thing” and actually do it! You really walk the walk and have been doing so since your videos started in 2010. 

What I respected the most about you was your straightforwardness and honesty. You were completely upfront with me about your past and having a record from day one. As a mother myself, I can understand the complexity of the situation, on the other hand you being a good husband and father to your three little girls and setting a beautiful example for them in word and deed is quite honorable. WE all make mistakes. I admire you for making amends and literally putting your life on the line daily to do so. 

I took it upon myself to do some research on Rod Webber after eye witnessing his attempt to discourage students and staff from attending your presentation at Berea  University. This is just one of the numerous attempts to stop the amazing work you have been doing with It is quite obvious at this point, that Rod Webber is an infiltrator. His attempts to continuously discredit your works and mislead the public regarding your character needs to stop immediately. 

It is funny Rod came to you and asked to help you knowing you had a past. Your wife told me Rod knew from day one and he stayed in your camper at standing rock for 5 weeks and Rod was caught stealing your hard drive from the attorney letter I read. It is sad you have to hire an attorney to win a complaint that Rod Webber made to youtube where he falsely had your one of a kind life changing documentary taken down. Thank God Youtube saw through his lies and put the FREE video backup for all of us to see. 

I applaud you for stepping up to the plate and addressing this issue and dozens of other issues. I have watched hundreds of your videos and I see that your the real deal and you have been to so many spills and camps trying to help all of us.  People do not realize the impact both financially and emotionally of such attacks from this and other infiltrators. I read the 4 year investigation from Minister and Author Johnny Hopkins at After knowing you personally and reading that detailed article I to think you are an American hero that is trying to be the best man you can be today. It is so obvious that even after big oil and the EPA tried to use your past against you in 2010 and that didn’t work because people saw your truth which made Enbridge and the EPA spend another half a billion to reclean what they covered up. They now use fake pretend insiders to try to tear us all apart. I see through Rod Webbers attempts. I stand with you and no troll will change that.

The work you are doing is just too important and needed in this world today to be not supported by ALL water protectors. I stand with you and I am proud to call you my friend. I would be honored if you ever need me as a reference, but I believe your true spirit, good intentions and bravery speaks for itself. I personally dated a very well known and honorable chief that was at Standing Rock and in his past when he was 27 he married his 15 year old wife. I have never ever heard a negative word to him or about him regarding that fact. Rod for some reason only comes after you. Something is very fishy with Rod mentally. OR this is all planned out this way?

Your friend and supporter,

Michelle Adair / Owner Appalachian Healing Arts Collective/  Hinton,  WV

P.S. Please protect yourself and your family because Rod Webbers actions are putting all of you in further danger than you all ready are in from the Government and big oil billionaires that hate the truth that you are exposing. You are the true original trailblazer for the no tar sand pipeline movement. My prayers are always with you and your family.

I know you just moved so I hope this is the right address from your web site.